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Dec 11, 2019
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This last year I have bought an Xbox so I could game from the couch since I didn't think there was an easy way to
game from the couch while using my desktop system. I recently found out that Steam has this awesome app called the Steam Link.

So how it works is I have the Linux Steam client open on my Linux system and then I have the the Steam Link app installed on my Nvidia Shield in the living room. From there I am able to connect to my desktop system and stream the game from desktop system to my Nvidia Shield having my controller connected to my Nvidia Shield to play the game.

The only thing is you can only stream the max resolution of your desktop system, so if you want to stream
the full resolution from you desktop system to you Nvidia Shield connected to your 4K tv you will have to
also have a 4K monitor connected to you desktop system. The downside is you will have to use ethernet
because wifi5 isn't fast enough to stream some games but on the other hand you won't really see the difference between 4k, 1440p and 1080p depending on how good or bad your eye-sight is.

Just thought it was worth sharing because it's another other way to enjoy Linux gaming from your living room

I build me a house and I am still in the process of furbishing it.

My room is adjacent to the living room and I have left a hole the wall with the express purpose of connecting the pc to the living room by cable.

Lets see if I have picture to show...


When the time comes, there will be no fancy tech generating latency between my pc and my tv, only two cables - one for tv, one for peripherals. Simple, and it... just... works!

Best of all- none of the problems you mentioned... Life is good.
Best of all- none of the problems you mentioned... Life is good.
Not really problems, depending on how you look at it. I had always wanted a 4k monitor so it was a good excuse to get one, but I don't experience any issues gaming when my Shield is connected to ethernet. Also I'm not in the position to be able to buy a house since I'm living in a rental apartment so I'm not allowed to do any renovating, you must be loaded with money having bought your own place where you are allowed to drill a hole in the wall.
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To be fair, I inherited a third of my family's house, where my part was 111 years old and to be torn down. My whole family kind of stayed together and made apartments out of our own parts of the house. Very low overhead with bills like that.

But I'm paying a heavy price to be able afford all this. That means 12 hour workdays, 1100km from home, 6 days a week, 3 weeks per month.

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