#AnsibleFest London 2017 videos now available


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If you missed out on going to #AnsibleFest in London last month don't worry, you can catch up on some of the things you missed in the videos.

The fine folks at Ansible have posted 19 videos, most being about 40 minutes long.

  • Applyting Ansible at HSBC
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness through DevOps
  • Applyting Ansible at Siemens
  • Lessons Learned from a Year with Ansible
  • Automating your Infrastructure with Ansible
  • Ten Things I Hate About You: Manage Windows like Linux with Ansible
  • Installing and Configuring Ansible Tower Clusters
  • How a Large Scale Financial Trading Platform Migrated to the Cloud
  • Running Ansible at Scale
  • Ansible is in our DNS: Automation at Illumina
  • How ING Implemented Ansible for Continuous Delivery
  • Automated Management of Shared Secrets with Ansible
  • Automating Your Business Applications REST API with Ansible
  • Automating Oracle RAC Deployments with Ansible
  • From Dockerfiles to Ansible Container
  • Ansible for Networks: Beyond Static Templates
  • Network Automation with Cisco ACI and Ansible
  • Network CI/CD Using Ansible and GitLab
  • Using Ansible to Modernize BlueJeans' Datacenter Infrastructure
You can view them all here: https://www.ansible.com/videos-ansiblefest-london-2017


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