Anyone else boot Linux from an external M.2 portable drive?


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Sep 19, 2023
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Even better than Linux is having it on a portable external drive that can be started from almost any desktop or laptop computer.
For a variety of reasons (I didn't feel like carrying a laptop wherever I went, I needed to use a computer in a pinch, I needed to work on three borrowed laptops, I needed to set up all my operating systems using NixOS config, etc.), I've been booting Linux from a variety of devices.

Anyone else regularly use an external M.2 drive with Linux?
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Not 'regularly', as I don't need to, but yes, I use an external M2 disk on occasion, I have 2 of them, they tend to boot fastest of any USB disk, but not an awful lot faster than an external SSD, but are smaller to carry.... ;)
I've been booting Linux from a variety of devices.
I use a USB3 pen-drive, reason being you need to connect to most computers using a USB adaptor for the M2, so you are restricted in speed by what port is available to use,

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