Anyone use pfSense?



I managed to get this installed on a formerly Windows98 PC with an extra network card. The monitor attached to the PC displays a CLI, but any PC attached to the 'LAN' port can access the Web GUI.

I just wondered if anyone has used this and has any tips for Hardening a pfSense router system. At a glance, I'm impressed with how easy it is to install Packages. I guess I could try adding Intrusion Prevention applications, but I'm still working out how I would configure applications through the interfaces pfSense gives me.

Otherwise, it's been an interesting project so far. :cool:

I have always wanted to get a pfSense box as a router/firewall but haven't so far. One of the few BSD OSs I like.
I didn't get very far with pfSense because I had troube virtualizing it... but I've spent the last few months perfecting a small business network setup using Zeroshell. I would highly recommend it for a newbie who wants advanced features, and possibly the ability to create your own robust WiFi router with an old PC and a wireless card!

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