Apache server, mqtt broker, red node question


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Hi to all.
I would like your opinion about if it can be done (not how can be done as I know that will have to read more about that)

My goal is to setup a server that will work as mqtt broker.
Let's say that I will have 3 rooms with one temp sensor each.
I will transmit the data to the mqtt broker and then the 3 users will log in to their accounts and see their rooms Temps (just only their room temp not each others Temps)

The problem is that I read in a few posts through the internet that red node doesn't allowing multiusers..
Or that refers just only for users that will be able to change configurations of red node?
In my setup I don't need each user can configure the sensor... Just only me as an admin and they can see only the result in their accounts.

(I have never had previous experience with red node or mqtt broker server setup. But I have setup sometimes in the past apache server and I am desktop Linux user for some years now for all my works)

Thanks in advance