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Hi, everyone!
I would like you to describe your typicall installed apps after fresh Linux install. I've red dozens of articles about TOP 10 Linux software for ... but I usually struggle to choose which ones collaborate the best.
Like could you suggest me which software are best for taking notes, office, browser, movies, messaging (maybe all in one, like one software for all platforms- whatsapp, skype, discord etc.), programming. Which ones do you use?

Ok, and how Linux performs with Windows Virtual Machine? I just need to be able to use Illustrator and Photoshop.


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what apps you want will really be based on your tastes. For office, I suggest Libre Office, most distros install it by default. Browser is a personal preference. Some people like Chrome because they like Google. Me, I do everything I can to stay away from the data collector and use Firefox. I've used Firefox since it was in beta, back at .05. I have Chromium installed, it's an open source version of Chrome, but I only use it on 2 or 3 sites that just don't want to cooperate with an open internet. What do you mean by "movies"? Movie watching or movie editing? For watching, you can use VLC. It also works for listening to MP3s and other music files (vogg, flac, etc). For messaging, I think it depends on your desktop. I don't do much messaging that's not on my phone so I don't know all the options here, but I think Pidgin might be the best option. There's a Linux install for Skype, so you can install that as well. For screensavers, I suggest installing xscreensaver, runs independently of the desktop so it doesn't matter what desktop you use it will run in the background. Then my personal favorite screensaver for it and has been for many years is Electric Sheep, think constant moving fractals. If you want that, you have to get it from For programming, I think it really depends on what language you use and personal taste. I like Eclipse for Python, but it takes work to get it to work with Python. I have to go back to my instruction doc every time I do a new OS install. And as for a Windows VM. I do have one. I started out using VMWare's free VMWare Player, then I migrated it to Virtual Box. It runs most things quite well when I HAVE to run something in Windows. Of course not everything works on it, you can't play games that way.
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