[ARCO] Volume always low.


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Hi there..! I have installed Arco linux as my main OS. The problem is whenever I open VLC or firefox(to watch youtube), the volume is barely hearable. Everytime when I have to do something that has audio, I have to manually open Pulse audio controller, crank up the volume. Before the Arco, I was using Pop OS and I never had any problem like this. I really wanted to go to next level by installing a Arch based distro, but if this problem hasn't solved, I have no other way, than to use another distro.

PS:- About an year ago, with a lot of help from this website, I have switched from windows to Linux. I thank all of you for giving me an incredible and ever-lasting journey into the world of Linux. I hope the same happens now. Thanks in advance:)


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Hello sir, thank you for your reply. I'm using a HP Pavilion Laptop and my desktop environment is xfce....is that enough, sir?
I haven't used xfce in a while(use Plasma), and don't remember much, however, in pulseaudio volume control, try and look for applications, sometimes that is at 50% or less. I have an HP laptop too, and sometimes when I notice a very low volume, I check that, increase to maximum, and that solves it, in Plasma.
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