Are there other way to connect to DSL pppoe?


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In last releases of Linux distributions I start having problems with connection to the Internet. Thats desktop envoronment related - I have problems in all of them except KDE. When I create DSL pppoe connection with Network Managers there Autoethernet appears instead - not what I set up.
I used to do it by creating DSL connection with 'pppoe' in the service field, login and password. Before I could use pppoeconf command for that isn't available anymore for last *buntu releases.
I don't use any equipment, cable just goes into my appartments and connected into network card with RJ-45 connector.

Because of that I'm thinking about a router - conventional, I don't want a WiFi router, to take the task of performing the PPPoE connection away from the desktop.
And as some person told me all Wi-Fi routers can work in wired mode (you can turn off Wi-Fi and use ethernet cable to get it to your PC).

Some guy even had a theory that may be it's not DSL type of connection really.

Also I'm thinking may be just establish another type of connection in network manager somehow - there Wired Ethernet option.

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