Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

Just for completeness sake, I have reset the uptime monitor. Again, it'll take a while before it yields any useful data. It's very much a long-term thing, I guess you could say.

Got this just now...

Not good.
what else is new...(sarcasm)
The downtime isn't too bad at the moment. So far, just some short outages with none lasting more than a couple of minutes.

I reset the monitor after The Great Reset.
Apparently while I was catching my beauty sleep ......nasty crap happened to the site.

231 minutes down is no joke.
Yeah, I checked the monitor when I got online today. I was pretty busy this morning, so I was able to miss the giant swaths of downtime we seemed to suffer. The monitor says there was quite a bit of downtime while I was away.
That might be on your end, for that one. (Or maybe on Cloudflare, maybe regional.)

There haven't been any outages (measured) for a little over 8 hours. Those are tested from four places across the globe. The uptime monitor is also fluent in Cloudflare-speak, so knows to wait for a connection to the real site.

That said, we're already down to 99.2% uptime.
@MikeWalsh yes we were off for just over 3 hrs yesterday afternoon [uk time] as well as several shorter outages earlier in the day
What is this...

Every day something new.
I believe it is a concerted effort to ensure ongoing security of our addresses etc etc

I could be wrong, but I think I am close to the mark.
That's a Cloudflare browser check to make sure you're most likely a human.
While it is annoying, it may help our uptime. We're down to 99.6% and that's just since the reset on the 20th. On the 30th of October, the uptime was just 83%.

So, I'm hoping this helps with the uptime. Uptime should be in the 99.9% region, sometimes higher if you have good hosting and an SLA that has penalties for downtime. My linux-tips site gets a whole lot less traffic, which should be considered, and has a 99.96% uptime.

We'll have to be patient, using the wait and see approach. Hopefully this helps with that uptime issue. It should also reduce number of bots that hammer on the site.
Was there a period of time between when you last passed through the security checkpoint page and the time you tried to perform the action that resulted in that particular error>
Nope it happens quite often and is really annoying.

I have to refresh the page almost every time I try and post bout to just give up.

This is the only forum I have this problem on and it's really bad here lately.
I know the extra security steps and measures are necessary but they can sure be a PITA for an old impatient fart as myself.
Hmm... Yeah, security is a blend of usability and security. A completely secure system would be a computer buried inside a 25ft^3 chunk of concrete. Somewhere between that and completely open is the ideal!

That said, I've never seen that message.

If you take too long and have like an IP address change, then CF will likely cause an error.

I guess I'll take it. I'd rather err on the side of security, so long as usability remains acceptable.

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