Audio out showing up in mic input


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Mar 13, 2022
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I'm somewhat new to Linux so bare with me please. Every time I record or chat on discord for example I get audio from the desktop. To clarify I dont't hear the desktop, but other do or it shows up on a sound recording.This happened to me in windows ,but was very easy to remedy. All I had to do was select separate all input jacks as independent input device (example on bottom) and it was fixed. Is there something similar I can do on Manjaro to fix this? I've already disable looping in Alsa and nothing.
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I have had similar problems ware my camera shows up as audio device when there is no built-in mic.
:) i probably can find a solution somewhere
Here's hoping. I'm genuinely overwhelmed with trying to piece together the pulse audio config files to see if there is a link of some kind as to why my mic is picking up audio out. I appreciate any help at all. I really want Linux to replace Windows as a daily. Gaming was the only thing holding me back.
I messaged him! Thank you.

Yeah, don't do that. Thanks. Support questions belong in the forum itself.

I don't do any of the tasks you're working with, so I have no idea with this one. It's outside my wheelhouse.
They sell some cameras with mics which I use and they sound good on meetings.

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