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Climate change is a bad thing for everyone, I wonder where we will be at in 20 years.

Hotter, more humid, and probably by that time we'll be starting to really deal with climate refugees as sea levels rise and some places become truly inhabitable. It's likely too late to do much about it, though we can slow it down. By this point it will likely maintain the warming as a perpetual cycle. There's already signs of the major ocean currents slowing, so slapping a solar panel on your roof is only going to make you feel better about yourself.

I was a bit skeptical until I started running the models myself. I am not a climate scientist, but I'm very, very well versed in modeling large and chaotic systems. So, I ran the models myself. You can go read the various studies and reports and the models are often linked, along with the data. And, yes, data needs to be adjusted for accurate modeling. So, when people say, "THeY ADJUSTED ThE DAtA DEERP!" they are just showing how they don't understand how modeling works - or even basic data collection works.

I'd keep going, but it'd start to become political in nature.

all this global warming and blaming it man doesn't wash with me, the earth's temperature has gone up and down since it was formed, as it is we are still coming out of a mini ice age and the global temperature need to rise around another 8 deg to get back to it prior peak,
Thunderstorms anyone...? this...ALL of it.....dont just scan it.

"That's what Australians do."
I've put a sad on that, because I feel so sympathetic towards people who are forced to leave the country of their birth because of the threat of imminent repression and retribution, and the threat to their loved ones.

But the story is uplifting in so many ways, and while I am parochial enough to think "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi" for the efforts made by our people, I am also realistic enough to appreciate that a number of people, and a number of Service Personnel, from a number of the free nations, if given a similar opportunity, would have acted, also, in a humanitarian spirit.

Thanks for sharing, Brian :)

Chris Turner
Australia's Michael the home straight now, mate.

Michael Caton knows he's in the home straight of his life.

The veteran actor, who first came to attention in the 70s TV hit The Sullivans, made his way into our hearts in the late 90s film The Castle, and was nominated for a Logie for his role in Packed to the Rafters, knows he's had "a good innings".

My lifestyle and all the cigarettes and booze and everything else I've had over the years does not make for longevity."

Weather News
Dry as a dead dingo's... your favourite Aussie weather phrases

Australia has just started the Spring season....just starting to warm up.,

and of course the girls/boys appreciate the sudden surge of warmer weather

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