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September 10
Sydney has woken to a spectacular sunrise this morning ahead of what's expected to be a warmer than usual weekend.
Early rises were treated to an array of colours as the sun came up, with this picture captured near Sydney Harbour just before 6am.
Temperatures across the city will reach 24Ctoday and 28C in the west.
Saturday will be even warmer reaching 28C in the city and 29C in the west.
Sunday will see temperatures climb to 29C before dropping by around 10C into the working week.

September 9
Huge swells have been battering the New South Wales east coast this week.
Photographer Lozzapix captured this incredible image as surfer Lachy Lemarseny drops into a monster wave at Wedding Cake Island, off Coogee in Sydney.


The two adults arrived in Australia by true asylum seeker style. They arrived separately. An extremely long story, but the upshot is they met, married, and had two children....and settled in a tiny Queensland town called Biloela.
The Australian government has (To their eternal shame) done everything in their power to send the whole family back to Sri Lanka.

But wait !..both children were born HERE.
Wait again !..the adults are very much loved by the citizens of Biloela because they WORK....Hard.

The story is one of heartbreak vs complex legal arguments.

If only a Government had a heart, there would be no story to tell here.

But, there is a story to tell.

The wrap up?...if they are sent back to Sri Lanka the best case scenario for the children will be an orphanage....the worst case scenario would be unthinkable.

If you are reading this, you can lend can lend your voice. Numbers will matter, they will eventually have to listen to the ever increasing number of voices from all across the World.

This issue is not political, is beyond politics. The very idea of sending 4 human beings to a perilous place should and will outrage everyone regardless of any political leaning.

Waratah. The Floral emblem for the state of New South Wales, Australia

The Blue Mountains.
Australia. the on whichever one takes your your choice to full page........and see the absolute beauty of Australia.









A vintage shot of the Katoomba Coal Tramway from around 1885. 

Acquired by the Hammon family in 1945, it became ‘The Scenic Railway’, thrilling 25 million+ passengers for over 70 years!!

Have YOU been on the steepest passenger railway in the world?

All pics taken in the Australia's World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains
Australia's most recognisable symbol.../

In 1930.....
Construction Sydney Harbour Bridge 1930.jpg


Harbour Bridge, Now..jpg
I'd have thought that'd be the Sydney Opera House.
strange that I thought the parade of nuns would be as well
The bridge was there first !
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