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Gympie shop owner Major Singh hands out $10,000 in supplies to drivers stranded by floods​


The Sikh shopkeeper moved from India five years ago, and said as soon as he realised the drivers were stranded, he went about reassuring them.

Another praised how Mr Singh and the team "busted their asses" to feed those who needed it. "What legends, that's the Aussie spirit." The shopkeeper said it was no problem. "I just love it, doing this type of thing," he said. "It's in our community, we do always like this type of work."
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Explored from a young Australians point of view, in the midst of the Covid 19 epidemic.

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with porn and forced me to reflect on my own habits.

For myself and so many others, it's easy to blame the pandemic for cheapening our transition into adulthood.

COVID has denied us access to our adolescent rites of passage — first kisses, first dates, parties and the pub. The chance to socialise and explore our identities.

For many, physical contact has been infected with the fear of transmission and behind closed doors, digital forms of intimacy have provided an alternative.

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I began to wonder whether my experience was unique. Whether anyone else my age felt the same way.

I found my perception of women changed and with it, my relationships
Meanwhile, back at the cricket, the greatest bowler of all time Shane Warne, has died aged just 52 will never be forgotten, old mate.

Any 'foreigners' reading of this will no doubt be amazed by the outpouring of grief. The sort of sympathy etc normally reserved for national heroes, members of royal families, etc
Warney was just that. He was Australia's cricketing hero. With Shane bowling leg breaks, we handed out some of the most well deserved thrashings of the English cricket team (the poms) They had no answer. Nor did the Indians or the South africans or the Pakistanis, or West Indians.
Shane Warne befuddled the lot of them with his undisguised genius.

The ball of the century.
Shane Warnes first ball on english soil
Bowled to Mike Gatting...England's opening batsman
(slow the replay down and you may appreciate just how far the ball 'moved" from right to left to leave the batsman absolutely out of his depth)

Gatting had no clue. He was beaten by the 'upstart' from Australia. He wasn't the only one to be beaten

Shane finished his career with 780 wickets.

From Australia's Deputy Prime Minister


Barnaby Joyce, Australian Deputy prime Minister​

Yesterday at 6:41 AM ·

In front of the television at Danglemah, Mum would sit in her black chair and say to us, “Shoosh! Shane is bowling!”
She had her views on many cricketers but for all his sins she adored Shane. Mum was not alone.
He was loved by so many Australians, and admired as a once-in-a-lifetime superstar by Indians, Pakistanis, West Indians, South Africans, and the English.
A genius from a short run up.
Today, I woke up and gulped. He has gone. I hope he is with our Lord.
I keep thinking of Mum in her old dressing gown watching sections of the Test. Then came that magic moment. “Shoosh! Shane is bowling!”

A likeable larrikin. A good bloke.

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And for those who thought Shane Warne was an airhead and listen to his interview with Leigh Sales on ABC's 7.30 Report.

And then take those thoughts back.


Only in Australia

We have frost heaves where I live. The frost gets into the ground and when it thaws it can move up to a couple of feet. Sometimes, it'll partially thaw in the winter and then you're stuck with the giant car-eating hump for the rest of the season.


However, it's far too cold to take a bath in them.
Sydney, Australia

The sheer guts of Ronnie....just has to be admired and marvelled at.

I will pray for this old guy to survive, and thrive.

Around half way down the article......

Ronnie. As Australian as Vegemite.

An 80-year-old man called Ronnie is believed to have jumped from the first floor to escape the inferno.

Unable to walk and covered in blood, locals had to carry him to safety until paramedics arrived.

He was taken in an ambulance to Royal North Shore Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

“Apparently he was on fire and we are only assuming that he jumped through his window because there was no other way out,” said Peter Bouwman, who lives in the boarding house.

“I have never seen that man that colour in my life. It was a mixture of grey and green.”

Coping with Floods.

Due to record breaking falls of rain in large areas of NSW and Queensland, there have been equally record breaking floods.

The number of homes affected is astronomical.

Here are just some of the steps taken to lessen the insurance claims ....and therefore premiums.

That wasn't cool, and not your fault, but the video started to auto-play when I scrolled to it.

I have a rational, I think, dislike for any media that plays without intervention. LOL Especially now when my DSL still isn't fixed and I rely on tethering a cell phone with barely any bars.
There will be a setting somewhere to control that..... Browser?
No, all that'd be disabled. That was the first auto-playing video I'd seen in ages. Even the news sites I visit (which are few, I admit) don't auto-play video.

Auto-played media (maybe okay if an animated ad and I have ads enabled - so long as it doesn't make noise) makes me want to get all stabby.
Ditto !
It's still auto-playing - but it's at least muted for some reason. I did not opt to mute it.

When I browse Reddit, I keep everything muted by default. Reddit is like 10x better that way - and I'd say that less than 1:50 times do I feel an urge to enable audio. Nope... That crap needs to be on mute.

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