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and just for a serious change of pace/topic........weight gain is not restricted to Australians.....or indeed to any particular race for that matter. Obesity is a world wide problem.
The story below is how one woman in Australia tackled her weight problem.

At the start of 2018, Anna Kambranis weighed 206kg and wore a size 30. Now the 48-year-old weighs 68 kilos and wears a size 10.

She has lost 138 kilos.

have a read and watch the video.

Anna is 48 years old.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia

Anna 68 kilos.jpeg

anna 200+ kilos.jpeg

Steve & Teri Irwin.jpg
This is a Facebook page for abcmyphoto and receives pics from people all over Australia.....take your time, have a bo peep....(look)

just one example....


ok....Two examples......i just couldn't resist this one.....

Blue Tongue.jpg
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Galahs....doing what they do best.....Playing....


What do you know about this iconic bird, native to Australia ?

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.jpg

Did you know they're "left-handed", can live for 100 years, or that they pick bindi-eyes out of your lawn before the weeds turn prickly?

Love them or hate them, cockatoos as a group evolved 95 million years ago on the ancient continent of Gondwana and are some of the smartest birds around.
I reckon this is legend.

People who live in The Northern Territory (NT) or Territorians, can be a little eccentric, but who can blame them, when, from Christmas Eve to December 26 (Boxing Day) 1974, their capital city, Darwin, took a pasting from Cyclone Tracy, which destroyed 80% of the city's houses.

How do a mob of kangaroos cross a river ?

This sulphur crested Cockatoo was NOT happy with a goanna in his tree.....chances are the Cockatoo was protecting his nest and the young cockies in it...\

Only got 6 out of 10, better watch my step :)

She used to make me laugh - had Alzheimer's for the last 10 years, apparently.

I was saddened because her and her hubby used to finish each other’s sentences.....but when he left the room, she struggled.

Your unforgettable 2020 in pictures

This year has been like no other for Aussies, and from raging bushfires, coronavirus lockdowns and toilet paper shortages, one thing is for sure - 2020 has been a year we'll never forget

kelpie !.jpeg


rail line.jpeg

stuff you!.jpeg
kelpie !.jpeg
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A cartoonists look at the year we know as 2020....a year like no other.....satirical?..yes...funny?...ummm yes...

You be the judge

The 'dog's breakfast' that is 2020 showcased in annual Behind the Lines cartoon exhibition

Each year, the Behind the Lines political cartoon exhibition offers up a neat satirical summary of events.

But 2020 has been like no other year.

For cartoonists, it has presented a challenge: how to reflect the turmoil of politics amid some of the most extraordinary events in modern history?

Traumatic bushfires, a devastating global pandemic, and the country's leaders at loggerheads over how to handle these unprecedented circumstances.

And given the number of occasions on which it was hard to know whether to cry or laugh, perhaps the cartoon is a suitable medium by which to understand it all better.

Here is a selection of photos sent in by audience members from around Australia
. If you have any photos that you'd like to share, send them in via the upload page. You can take a look at more photos from across the country on our Instagram, and share your own Instagram photos with us by using #ABCmyphoto on Instagram.
@Condobloke I have only been liking posts since I don't know anything more about Australia than I have already posted in this topic so I am just enjoying the posts you and the other Aussies add to this topic.

The only other thing Australian that I just remembered are two movies. Maybe not Australian movies but they take place in the Australian Outback.

And I just came across the tv series which I still have to watch myself :)
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Wolf Creek was originally said to be based on the backpacker murders perpetrated by Ivan Milat....although those murders took place in a state forests in the Sydney area......a long way from where wolf creek was filmed.

The stories that abound from the Alice Springs to Darwin area are blown out of proportion by the media....mainly because that area is a long way from the main capital cities of Australia....and so the media can use more than a bit of 'journalistic licence' so as to make the crimes committed there seem a little more spooky and 'out of control' than they actually are.

The most evil of Australia's murderers was Ivan Milat.

Wolf Creek has a cult following....largely due to the main character played by John Jarrat .....very much an Aussie character in his own right

One of the reviews of wolf creek said "A grimy gut-chiller that unsettles as much as it thrills, violently shunting you to the edge of your seat before clamping onto your memory like a rusty mantrap. Feel the fear"

I am inclined to agree !

A murder which is still unsolved/doubted to this day, is that of British tourist, Peter Falconio
Bradley Murdoch was tried and convicted of his murder, but quite some doubt exists re his guilt.
As dishonest as Murdoch was, I still do not believe he was guilty of this murder.

Thanks for reading our posts about Australia, @f33dm3bits
I really do find Australia fascinating, and I'm a big fan of horror movies so those Wolf Creek movies were sort of a cherry on the cake for me :). I just remembered this Disney cartoon movie which I watched as a kid if I remember correctly the story also takes place in Australia.
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