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I feel for you, we had our last dog put down over 25 yrs ago, but still think fondly of him [he made it to 18 yrs]

its not very a good picture but this was our Dog [age about 5 in picture] he was a Lab x Springer
and his name...Digger
no he was not an Aussie, we got him from a rescue centre, and in the first 2 days he had turned our lawn into a bomb site, holes everywhere.
Musical dog. Loved classical music. Her favourite....she would come from the far end of the house to sit, listen and snooze, to this
Her collar carried a disc with a quaver sign on it.
not available in the UK
Nope now I know what it is I can search
It's good that you didn't let the dog suffer.

Of course it means you currently suffer, but such is the human condition. I usually prepare by getting a 2nd dog and having the elder dog help train the new dog. That seems to help me deal with it (and my dogs are working dogs). So, that might be an avenue that works for you.
Thanks, mate

Why 500 people are driving 's***box' cars from Rockhampton to Hobart​




"Nursing mum and dad through the last stages of their lives, taking them both down to have chemotherapy at the same time … we were a very tight family, and you wanted to do everything you possibly could for the people that you love and it was a really incredibly, horrible period," Mr Freeman said.

"Losing both of them so close to each other, it impacted me very significantly and will continue to impact me significantly for the rest of my life."
The Pics say it all

The drive from Rockhampton to Hobart would be fun.

The photos are amazing (esp. love the various birds/animals, a proportion of them I see somewhat regularly too).

Thank you. :)
It's like peeling the layers of an onion - every time you click on "more finds" you are treated to a bunch more gobsmacking photos of our gobsmacking wildlife. :)
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Yunupingu with Anthony Albanese at Garma 2022. Credit: Melanie Faith Dove/Yothu Yindi Foundation
Warning to any readers from Australia's First Nation peoples that the following material contains names and video footage of deceased persons.

Curiously, any number of articles referring to his passing, including the NITV material, do not give him a first name.

It was Galarrwuy Yunupingu

Gallarwuy's younger brother, Dr Mandawuy Yunupingu, was the lead singer and writer for Australia's pre-eminent Aboriginal band, Yothu Yindi, prior to his passing in 2013.

The NITV material says, in part

Born on June 30, 1948 Yunupingu grew up around the small community of Yirrkala, 18 kilometres from the Northern Territory mining town of Nhulunbuy where he attended the community mission school.

My daughter, Rebecca, lived in Nhulunbuy for two years in the mid-1990s, and she and her mother lived in the house previously occupied by Gallarwuy's younger brother, Dr Mandawuy Yunupingu.

RIP to the deceased and best wishes to his family.

Here is the best-known song from his brother's band.

Australia has lost a great leader.

Chris Turner

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