AutoDesk Revit, Affinity Photo, Elgato... Cant use em!


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Aug 7, 2019
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This is a message more or less for the developers but I really want to run Linux on a new computer I'm building however I realize I cant use Revit, Affinity, and Elgato among others on Linux which really sucks ass. I was just wondering if y'all are making strides to incorporate more programs into Linux or not and if these are among them. Any feedback is appreciated from anyone. Linux looks better to me than windows for various reasons ESPECIALLY since it's free.
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G'day and Welcome to

Many people use Wine. to allow them to run various windows programs in Linux.

the link below is for Ubuntu, but Linux is based on Ubuntu so it will work.

Others will likely tune in with more advice. I do not use Wine myself....I have left windows in the dust where it belongs.
Is there any downside to doing this? Will it run the programs slower and how convenient is it? And WINE is a program IN Ubuntu right? Thanks for the input!

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