Black screen after plymouth


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Yea so, Arch with optimus-switch, system working perfectly. I have dm-crypt encrypted /home, thus is the reason why I want a plymouth so I get a nice password prompt. I mean, it's fine without plymouth, but nicer with it. Here is the problem:

I installed plymouth as per arch wiki, and when I boot I see plymouth logo, it asks for /home password, I enter it, and it works in the background, and then black screen, no lightdm login. Pressing CTRL + ALT + 2......7 does nothing. System is locked. Pressing power button for couple of seconds and it turns off, soft.

Now... Wiat... Same scenario, but now I press ESC to exit plymouth, enter /home password in text mode, and it boots just fine, I get lightdm login.

I have no clue what is happening. Help me plz. At this point, I uninstalled plymouth and rebuild initramfs but I'm ready to install plymouth and again and give it another shot. As long as I know what to do. Because I tried different things and was lost.

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