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This is more less an academic , hence no real answer expected , question.

I have been experimenting AKA writing a low level C++ code to gain better understanding of how Bluetooth works.
i am making some progress with my code, however, I was using my OS - Ubuntu (21.04) for verification...
So - I was under the impression that Bluetooth works similar to USB and that my OS will somehow attempt to automatically acknowledge "nearby Bluetooth devices"
I have unknown "Bluetooth dongle" connected to my PC. It generally functions as expected.
I have two powered on Bluetooth device NEXT to my PC - Raspberry PI and "boom box" .
After PC boot and after opening OS Bluetooth manager ( whatever it is ) I get my "boom box" state as "disconnected". Then I click on that "disconnected " and get anothed dialog where I select "remove device" .
Then I get what I call "DOS delete file " syndrome - yet another dialog asking for confirmation ("are you sure ?") , hence I select "disconnect" again. Then my original dialog - with message " not setup" pops up and after it is clicked on, again , then my boom box gets "connected" and blasts away.

I have to repeat this "long way around the barn" each boot.
My opinion / guess is that Ubuntu OS handling of Bluetooth is on back burner....

No, I am not about to switch to different OS, but wonder if others OS "boom boxes" would come on after successful boot without hurting my hand clicking.
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