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Bluetooth in Lifebook doesn't work


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Hey guys,
I got an old Fujitsu Lifebook s761. So I installed manjaro on it, works pretty nice expect that the Bluetooth module doesn't recongnise any of my Bluetooth hardware. The win XP that was previously installed told me that:

And the Bluetooth works just fine in win xp. So what should I do?


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Which Manjaro desktop environment, Young Sorceror?

Is Blueman installed and enabled?

pacman -Qi blueman
Regarding the Debian attempt, have you checked a Google under

linux failed to load brcm solved


There appear to be a number of possibilities there.

I have to fly for my Saturday evening, and I am no Bluetooth expert, but I will check back in when I can.

Good luck



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All needed packages are installed. Blueman says Bluetooth works, but when I search for a device like a headset, it's not displayed.


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Thanks for reporting.
I'll submit a patch to the linux-firmware package for those files to be included.
It's going to be hard since it requires a deep licence check and ideally an agreement from the manufacturer...

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