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Hello all,
This is my first Bluetooth device. Well, my phone has Bluetooth but I don't use it. Anyway, I cannot get my mouse to connect to my laptop. Neither in Windows 7 or Diamond II-B. I thought I would ask first before returning it. My only reason to consider working on it is because my phone can detect it. By my laptop will not see it. Windows 7 is unable to see my phone but Diamond II-B can see and connect to it.
The mouse is a Black BT09 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. It connects at the 2.4 GHz spectrum....

I am trying to connect to the mouse with my Intel 7260 wireless AC plus Bluetooth NIC. Any ideas? Should I just return it?

But bluetooth works with my phone. Besides, the HP dv6t-7000 is not whitelisted in any way.
And the Intel 7260 was not released when that document was made. The Intel Centrino models are listed...
the Intel 7260 was not released when that document was made
...but the HP Support Forum item is dated 10-23-2012 and there are no qualifications/variations mentioned. That's not that long ago.

The HP Support Forum item does say
A non-supported module will not be whitelisted in the BIOS which means no BIOS support, so it won't operate.
and you say
the HP dv6t-7000 is not whitelisted
Have you looked in the BIOS for the wifi/bluetooth module?

I am not clear about what does detect what. Your phone detects the mouse? Your phone detects the laptop?

I think that the problem may with the wifi/bluetooth module and not tha mouse. I think the wifi part is working, but not the bluetooth.

You might get a definitive answer if you ask the HP Support Forum if the Intel 7260 wireless AC plus Bluetooth does work.
Linux detects my Phone. My phone detects Linux.
Linux does not detect the mouse.
Windows does not detect my phone or mouse. My phone detects Windows but cannot connect.

As for the date of the forum, the 7260 came out 07-2013 but I understand what you are saying.

I meant Blacklisted...sorry. Heading over to the HP forums. Thanks though.
Hi, It's been a while since you posted your question, but have you solved your problem?
I seem to have a similar issue - a mac mouse is working with a mac laptop, but is not detected by Linux blueman, which works well with my phone, so the only not functioning combination is my laptop+bluetooth mouse.

Edit: Some details:
  • mouse: Logitech bluetooth (1613LZ0GSGQ8)
  • OS: ubuntu 22.04
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