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OJ simps0n

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Jan 11, 2022
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Hi guys,
I recently installed kali via a USB on my hp folio laptop. Here's the problem.... Everytime I boot, I must select boot options to select boot from EFI file, Choose Kali, then choose grubx64. If I just press the power button and wait for booting to select Kali, it says boot device not found! Please help me boot normally without having to reinstall kali afresh and loose all my data.

I'm running 2021.4 version

1. I'm using a HP Folio 1040 G1.
2. I'm running Kali 2021.04
3. The problem: On cold boot, I have to press F9 to select to boot from EFI file. Otherwise the screen displays Boot device not found
To everyone insisting I read the 1st & 3rd posts. I read them already. none of them have any material on what I asked here. Its all discouraging stuff to a newbie. keep in mind y'all were also newbies at some point. Your high horse now is just silly n pointless. Either HELP ME or tell me to fuck off. Not here to waste my time
Kali is so constructed to be a basic install, to set it up you must be experienced in Linux and fully competent using the command line,
their philosophy is if you can't find and install propriotry drivers and sort out your own problems, then you are not ready to use it
Kali is free for ANYONE to use. I have a right to use it too. I see this forum is just crappy old people who are bitter with something in their lives. I WILL figure this out by myself and sort it out. Thanks for no help. I'm out.

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