Boot Problems



I am expierencing some dificulties in booting a Linux distribution from a USB Flash drive.
Prozessor: Intel(R) Celeron CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz 2.16GHz
RAM: 4,00 GB (3,89 GB usable)
Space on Hard Drive: 186 GB
Space on USB Flash Drive: 14,8 GB
Operating system to boot: Kali Linux 2.0
I used Universal USB Installer to make my USB Flash drive bootable(if it really is bootable).
I [past of set] the boot priority of my live USB to #1 and the Windows boot manager on #2. I enabled Launch CSM.

Now, when I restart my computer nothing happens. Instead of going to the installler, it goes to the windows login screen.

What did I made wrong and should I specifie more information?

P.S. Sorry, if there are some syntax or ortographie errors.

I found the solution to this problem. For all of you who are having the same issue: Make sure that your USB Flash Drive is inserted in the correct port(port for USB 1.0 or USB 3.0 etc...).

Now I have another problem, but this will be posted in another Thread.
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