Hang in there MWE you'll get it.

Persistence and determination makes the master. :);)

Hi man. Welcome to the forum. MX Linux is considered a mid-weight distro and it works great on older hardware. I've switched from using Linux Mint for a few years over to MX Linux and haven't regretted it for a second.


Ok...So I'm a techie. I've owned lots of Mac's and Windows systems but never Linux. The thing that draws me back to wanting Linux every time is all of the bloat that the other two systems put on for the "masses" like Cortana, Siri, Maps, Messaging, Microsoft Bloat, Dell Bloat etc etc etc etc.

I have a 2018 Dell i7 8750 processor, 256 ssd, 32gb ram w/ a 2018 Netgear Nighthawk X6S Router and I HATE bloat. I love to run phones and computers on what I need, not everyone else.

With that being said, I do run a Plex server w/ Dual 8TB external hard drives, a Brother label printer and other basic applications that I have no problems finding a Linux alternative for.

I would like some advise on a lightweight, powerful, fast distro that would run my Plex server, external hard drives, Brother Label Printer. Most info I've seen seems to steer newbies to Mint or Mate.

Thanks in advance!
I installed it...deleted Windows 10

Unfortunate about that, unfortunate about the time zones too or I could have mentioned that. You had told us you were a techie, and I would not have expected you to blow away Win 10 so quickly, without first being satisfied that the new OS would satisfy all your needs, especially mission-critical ones.

But that is spilt milk, so let's see what we can do to help remedy this?

Do you have a Recovery Solution to restore Windows 10 to its previous place? Backups, etc? If so, put it back on and worry about the Linux later. Try a dual-boot setup first when next you try Linux.

You don't really want any more reading links right now, but when the dust settles, take a read of this from our Linux Mint Section where I have made it the first of a series that will go up over the different Distros. It is by Brian @Condobloke who had the big thumbs up before.


I have to go out for my Friday evening, but I will take a look on the Brother tomorrow.

Cheers all and


I want to thank everyone for their patience. Linux seems to be a great community so far. Cuddling a noob is a pain I know. lol

I got rid of Windows bc between Microsoft and Dell putting their junk all over it, it's a bloated mess that takes your ram and your storage space. Now with Linux, I have almost all my ssd storage and RAM usage back. And everything is great with only these two exceptions so far but Im going to get them to work.

With that being said..I went and borrowed a 2nd older laptop for a bit just to print what needs to be printed for a while so that is not as urgent right this second. Im going to start with Plex today. Once I get plex up and running, I will go back to the printer. (FYI...I thought I almost had the printer going yesterday...drivers, etc)

Also, Im not sure where everyone is...but Im in Florida, USA...eastern time zone if there is ever any delays etc.
Here we go guys....I did it right after I found this post. Here is a picture. I just plugged my information in instead of "linuxbabe" and it worked in like a minute!! And super easy.

Plex is now working....Printer is up next. lol


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Now I know you may already be on to the Printer, and it has priority, given the print jobs.

BUT (Wizard's but is never far behind the rest of him)

Then you want to do two things, and one is reading, lol.

1. If you have not already, enable your Firewall, it is not enabled by default.

At Terminal

sudo ufw enable

It will prompt for your password, type it in (no movement, security) and enter, you will get a message.

2. On your desktop there is likely a link to the LL Manual/guide. Use it, to navigate to the Tutorial on Timeshift.

I am guessing you are on LL series 4.x maybe 4.2, unless you downloaded 3.8.

Or you can link direct via https://www.linuxliteos.com/manual/tutorials.html#timeshift - @arochester found this some months ago, and it is a good simple guide.

If you want more detail, or to ask questions, see my Tute here


I have been using Timeshift for over 4 years and it has saved my bacon many a time.

As Brian @Condobloke says, "Timeshift is like Windows Restore but better ... it actually works!"



BTW if you find a package for the Printer before one of us does, ending in .deb - download that and then in Downloads, double-click it. You have a package installed called GDebi and it will install the contents.
I will tackle the printer tomorrow. Finishing up moving my Plex library now. It is pretty large. When I told the Plex forums that I found the solution, I was told

“Sorry, that’s not how it’s done.

  1. mounting in /media means all files in that area are exclusive-access to your username when you’re logged on. This precludes plex from seeing them
  2. ACLs do not count. Linux uses permission bits. You can use ACLs for SMB/Windows cients but not a Linux application.
Please follow the procedure I’ve outlined above.”

But it’s been working so far so.... lol‍♂️
Hey, late to the party..

I have a plex server set up. I installed a base CentOS minimal install, installed plex and loaded up my movies. I think it worked out of the box other than maybe disabling selinux.

Too late to switch up distros on that guy?
Wizard is telling you to enable the Firewall.

Hadn't forgotten, although I know crap about Servers :)

A Google search under

ubuntu server plex server

reveals, amongst other reading that you can install Plex on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, also tells how to adjust the firewall rules.


There are also several videos there, recent.

So before the OP gets to fond of LL he could always install Ubuntu Server and see how that goes?

In all likelihood, as LL is based on Ubuntu, the process may work the same, but no guarantees.

Another option is to install Ubuntu Server side by side with Linux Lite? Give him some comparatives, although as far as the low memory consumption goes, only Distros as feature-rich and well-equipped with software that come near LL (and beat it) are MX-17 (mentioned by @mrcrossroads ), LXLE, and Peach OSI BB (Bare Bones).

I'm off looking for Brother.

Avagudweegend all

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Zooommm, back !

Just saw Rob's Post.

Rob, if the OP wants he could have all 3 easily on that 256GB SSD, with or without Windows.

Depends on how volume-consuming the required Plex software is and where it is stored. He has those 2 x 8TB externals, he could tell us if there is spare capacity there for Home/Data, &c.

On a 256 GB SSD, I can fit 10 Linux and Windows, or 14 - 16 Linux.

The fact that the Linux Lite had to be installed under CSM-Legacy conditions is no impediment. A UEFI based Distro can be installed, and the rig switched back to UEFI for other Linux, and the Linux Lite will run.



1. Google

linux ql700 drivers

I have read three articles, includes




... as they are recent.

The one you should go to for Downloads is


Click "Downloads & Drivers" and then "Downloads On Our Online Solution Center".

Step One should default to Linux, if not check it. Step 2 Click .deb and proceed.

See screenshot below


Download both the LPR entry and the CUPS entry, they are both .deb format.

CUPS is the Common Unix Printing System, which features an online client-server printer configuration utility we'll use if we need it.

When the download is completed, find the two files in your Downloads section in Home, or wherever you saved to.

You have installed in your Linux Lite as with many other Distros a package called GDebi.

Connect the Brother. Doubleclick JUST the file for LPR printer driver for now. GDebi will install the driver for you. If there are dependency issues it will halt and tell you what is missing.

On completion, reboot the Lappie and see if the Printer works.

If not, we'll look at the CUPS wrapper options.

I followed all of the steps above for the printer. Downloaded the .deb's and it did put ql-700 printer in my list of printers with all the right settings but when I went to print something, the light on the printer went from green to red. I guess thats progress. Im still working on it.


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If nothing else...I am flexible. I just went and bought a HP Printer on sale for $25. Working in less than 5 min. lol. Ill just sell the label printers..No biggee. If I remember right, that Brother QL-700 was even a pain to set up on Windows so I know it would be horrible on Linux.
Your call (on selling the Labels Printer) - that bugs report linked by @arochester makes for a good read, though if you follow through to the bottom.


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Im ok with it...There are times I need to print 8.5x11 which the label printer just doesnt do and this HP printer was dirt cheap at $25. Thanks everyone for the help. Plex is working...Printer is working. Anyone using a VPN? Like I said a cpl days ago...with MAC and Windows, NordVPN was just an easy download and all I had to do was tick "on" and "off" for the VPN. From what I read, it seems wayy more difficult here with Linux.

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