Bright Memory: Infinite not running with proton.


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Jan 2, 2022
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Okay, this pisses me off. I'm trying to run Bright Memory: Infinite, and i have tried what they said on protondDB, and it's either freeze in the cutscene or starts with a white screen. The only way i have got it running close to perfect is indside wine. there is a little sound delay, and it's lagging a little but still playable.

if i could get this to work inside Proton and running smoothly, i would be happy if there any of you that may have an idea

Try turning down the settings then once the cutscenes are done bump the settings back up. I had to do this in fh4
i am past that point since i played it in wine, and starting a new game is going to reset everything. But what about the rest of the cutscene? Wouldn't there be a chance it would freeze in those? I would have to change the settings every time??

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