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Artix is an Arch-based distro, this from my Artix MATE.


This is Nanpu Bridge, in Guangdong China. I am quite taken by the splash of orange, but would you want to be the electrician who changed all the light bulbs? I think not.

(image of desktop showing orange-lighted bridge at night.)

It's from my Linux Mint 20.1 'Ulyssa' Cinnamon.
It uses LEDs. They never need replacement. :p
This from my Gecko Linux Xfce.

From an old Gecko Leap

,,,and from a previous Gecko Tumbleweeds Plasma

Ubuntu Desktop 'Bionic Beaver', also getting retired

One of a number of Debian I use

From my Debian Bullseye Xfce

Say hello to Ezio the cat. He belongs to one of our Members. Or, knowing cats as I do, more likely Ezio believes the Member belongs to him. :)

Ezio is on my Grub Menu for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Cinnamon I installed a couple of days ago.

Well, here's my current "dressed-up" Grub4DOS menu for the kennels on the big HP desktop rig:-


Sorry for the crappy picture quality; this was my third attempt after the images on the phone's MicroSD card decided to temporarily go AWOL.

(I absolutely loathe doing screenies from a mobile phone!)

This is one of a small selection of boot menu backdrops provided by Puppy Forum member 'amethyst'......in .xpm format, 'cos that's all Grub4DOS will accept. Originally it was royal blue......but I modified it with MooiTech's PhotoScape (which I run under WINE), 'cos I prefer red.

Good, innit? :p

Mike. ;)
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