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May 3, 2019
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Does anyone use Budgie DE? This appears to be mostly a Debian/Ubuntu thing.
I have never seen Budgie on a Redhat/CentOS/Fedora distro. But supposedly there
is an effort to make releases global for all major distros.

From the screen shots I've seen, it mostly just looks like a modified version of Gnome.
But if you use it, what do like about it? Why do you use it?

What do you not like about it? I know I could setup a VM and see for myself, I still
might do that, I'm trying to decide if it's worth the effort :)
(You know pushing all these buttons is wearing me out)

I have no experience with it, I use KDE Plasma myself but it looks like it's in the Fedora repos.
Available Packages
Name         : budgie-desktop
Version      : 10.6.4
Release      : 2.fc37
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 1.5 M
Source       : budgie-desktop-10.6.4-2.fc37.src.rpm
Repository   : fedora
Summary      : A feature-rich, modern desktop designed to keep out the way of the user
URL          : https://github.com/BuddiesOfBudgie/budgie-desktop
It's different, but not bad.


There is no screenshot app. I have to use ImageMagick. ( I do have screenshot installed under MATE )
Some of my WINE apps disappeared. I was able to run them from the WINE file manager, but it's inconvenient.
I don't see any file manager such as Caja or Nautilus.

When I first installed it, I lost my screen resolution and a few things, but it was reasonably easy to reset them.
It reminds me a lot of KDE Plasma.
Budgie was actually introduced by Solus, IIRC

Budgie was actually introduced by Solus, IIRC


Kinda, sorta, definitely close enough. I had to double check. Solus was Evolve. It was still Evolve at the time Budgie was first created.

So, it was Solus, but Solus didn't quite exist at the time. I'm going with 'close enough' and will award you two points.
What do you not like about it?
Almost none. Budgie is not lightweight but not power hungry like Gnome and KDE Plasma either.
Very beautiful design.
Even though Solus ans Budgie are two separate projects now, Solus still provides the best Budgie DE experience than any other distro.

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