Can a directory be shared via ssh with user & pw to access it?


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Feb 25, 2019
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I asked KGIII to write an article about this, if he knows how, but anyone's welcome to answer as well.

I tried using nginx but I'm not that advanced and whatever tutorials I saw were way too complicated. Then I tried other methods to setup an FTP server for file sharing between me and my best friend but that didn't work either. I remembered that once I gave ssh to an acquaintance of mine to try and install Arch on my computer remotely via ssh. So that makes me wonder whether sharing a directory as a "read only" is possible via ssh and if it is, how is it done? Atm I keep asking the Duck that as well as Google but so far found nothing about my needs. And unfortunately the best friend who knows about ssh is off the grid with his wife right now.

The reason I wanna share a directory with him is so that he lists it, finds whatever he likes and download it. That will spare bot of us a lot of time bc the total data size is 640 GB, besides, if he decides he wants what I think, even my Google Drive storage won't be enough to share the files with him.

Yes it is possible, using sshfs, you just have to give that account the permissions that you want them to have or you can use sftp.
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I'd definitely go with SFTP as my preferred method, which will still be a bit clunky. It's just easier and you've probably already got SSH installed and enabled. I differ from the link above by suggesting FileZilla for your friend. It's very intuitive and a good experience. You could create a Filezilla install and then share the config files with your friend (if they use Linux) - meaning they'd just have to copy the folder to the right directory before opening FileZilla.

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