Can cc or gcc produce an APK output file?


What exactly is an APK file? Is it an acronym? Can I write C source code, perhaps including inline assembly, and then have cc or gcc produce an APK output file so I can transfer it to my Android tablet and run the newly written app on my tablet? I have both an ftp server and client on my tablet. I also have a telnet server and telnet client on my tablet.

I would be doing the work on a laptop or desktop running Linux. Then I would want to transfer the program to my tablet to be run.

Do Apple devices use APK files too or something else? Will cc or gcc produce code that can run on an iTab or iPhone even if I'm writing the source code on a PC running Linux?


Matthew Campbell


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I'm not a programmer either. This page gives you a "Hello-World" introduction to programming for Android though, so it might be useful, especially noting the tools you need... Java Development Kit (JDK), Android Software Development Kit (SDK), and Android Studio IDE (although I think other IDE's may be available).

It sounds like you first test your new app in an emulator, but then it describes transferring the app to real devices (your tablet). It all sounds like heavy Java lifting too, so hopefully your skill in C will translate well into that language.

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