Can feedback loop damage laptop speakers?


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Jan 20, 2021
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Hi to all, I have mistakenly set my laptop mic to be listened and played through the speakers. As soon as I have done that, an high pitched and really loud sound came from the speakers (a feedback loop).

My question is: can this harm the speakers in any way? Does laptop manufactures include protections from such an event?

There are two things to consider with regards to this. Speakers work by moving air, thus making sound.

First, there's the rapidity with which you're asking them to move. That is how often you want them to move. Second, there's the degree of force that you're asking them to move. That is how far you're asking them to move.

Given how little voltage is going to laptop speakers, and definitely not a great deal of amplitude, I'm gonna say you'll be just fine even with the cheapest of speakers. Maybe if you set it to make that noise constantly for a long time it'd tear the membrane - if it's even realistic that said membrane would be harmed at the rather minimal volume levels laptops make. It's just going to annoy you, not break anything.
Adding to what KGIII said, I think the nature of digital electronics will not allow more voltage than the maximum digital volume. So your speakers will hit a max digital voltage and no more.