Cannot boot from DVD due to UEFI


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MB: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5
OS: Opensuse 15.2

I recently installed Opensuse 15.2 on my server and, as I added software and utilities, have made ongoing images in the advent of failure. To image the drive I booted from the SATA DVD with Clonezilla and plugged in an external USB drive to receive the image. Currently I have four images on that drive.

More recently, I found that I cannot boot into Clonezilla using the SATA DVD drive or from an external USB DVD drive. Doing some investigating I found that UEFI has been activated. When I enter CMOS there is a boot entry named OPENSUSE. I have not a clue how this happened - I made no knowing changes to the system to cause this.

So I tried to disable UEFI. In CMOS I have three options: UEFI ONLY, LEGACY ONLY, UEFI AND LEGACY.
  • When I choose any option but UEFI ONLY, when booting I get a black screen with an oversize cursor.
  • Setting it back to UEFI ONLY I can boot to the system drive but when I attempt to boot to a SATA DVD or USB DVD an error message appears telling me to Select a valid device and reboot.
  • I found an option under OpenSUSE Boot to disable UEFI but again, no change.
Despite my research, I have not found a solution. Most of the suggestions reference disabling SECUREBOOT in CMOS, but I have no such option.

I called Gigabyte USA tech support. I was instructed to plug the SATA DVD into port 5 and set it to IDE mode. No difference.

So I would appreciate any thoughts & suggestions you might have. Surely there has to be a way to disable UEFI to boot a utility with a DVD or USB drive.

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I take it when you say CMOS you mean BIOS if secureboot is not listed in the security tab of your BIOS then the only way I know of around that is to change it to Legacy - I had this same problem on my ACER laptop no way to turn off SecureBoot - I ended up changing it to Legacy had to wipe the drive and start over because if you loaded in UEFI it won't boot when you switch it to Legacy at least my ACER did not - now everything works as it should


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Good article - thanks for the clarification on CMOS.

I appreciate your report on SecureBoot, although that's not the answer I was hoping for. I do have a recent image the drive prior to UEFI taking hold, but what concerns me is how it was initiated. If it happened from an OS update, then the whole cycle will happen again. In the meantime, I am not able to image the current drive since clonezilla boots from DVD.
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