Cannot install Debian 9/10 in HP BC-408TX laptop properly


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Jul 21, 2019
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Hello everyone, I am new in Linux. Recently, I have purchased a HP laptop (8th gen. i7 processor, 1TBHDD, 128 GB SSD, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated) Discrete Graphics card) model name is BC-408TX. I am trying to install Debian Linux9 (stretch) in it. The OS is installed successfully, but the graphics card does not work properly. If I install it through synaptic package manager, the computer automatically freezes for indefinite time. If I forcefully shut it down, and again restart it, then before displaying logging window, it freezes. I cannot overcome from this situation.
I have also tried to install Debian 10 (buster). After installing the OS, when the computer restarts, after the login window, it freezes.
Please help me to get rid of this situation..
N.B.: The picture displays the freezing moments in Debian 10 (buster). This situation occurs after the login window....

try modifying the boot option by adding nomodeset. When the Grub menu comes up, hit 'E' to edit the line. Look for the line that says something like 'quiet splash' and add 'nomodeset' at the end and then I think it's F10 to boot. Once you get into the GUI change your driver. When you tell it to reboot it may freeze again. Use the power button if necessary. After this, you should be using the new driver and shouldn't have any issues. Let us know if this works.
Can you please specify the exact model of your CPU? We tested Debian 9 on Core i9-9900K and Debian 9, CentOS 6 on Core i7-8700(too 8th gen). The results are unsuccessful because some of the CPU models not supported by the kernel installed on these distributives. A possible solution is to install Debian and update kernel to latest on or to patch your kernel with more new drivers, but better to replace kernel completely. You can do it using a USB drive with rescue64 pro(plugged in on remote servers)
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