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Cannot uninstall Lazy script


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Apr 1, 2020
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I'm using kali2020.1b. I have downloaded the Lscript from git clone on Kali Linux and now cannot uninstall.
My issues is uninstall.sh is not highlightned when I go into the Lscript directory.
I have attached the screenshot of it.
Please help me

Thanks in advance,


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make uninstall.sh executable then run it as root, if necessary, so -- ./uninstall.sh
This should do the trick:
chmod +x uninstall.sh
Spoon-feed him, JasKinasis! the answer is in the link, which also provides a means by which further questions OP may have may be answered. "Give a man a fish and he'll be fed for a day . . . "
--There are 3 user types.

u - user (file or directory owner, creator)
g - group (the group to which the file or directory belongs)
o - other (other than users, user and group)
a - all (ugo) (all, everyone can access files and directories.)

--(Chmod Permissions)

Chmod access permissions are always listed as rwx.

r - (Read permission)
w - (Write permission)
x - (Execute permission)

--Operators for Chmod permissions

- (remove chmod permission)

+ (add chmod permission)

= (set chmod permission)

--Some examples of chmod:

chmod + r security: we have given read (r) permission to security file.
chmod -x security: We have removed the run (x) permission in the security file.
chmod u = rw, go = security.html: We gave the file owner permission to read and write. We removed all access permissions for the group and others.
chmod + x filename: We have given the file permission to run for all users (user, group, other).
chmod 0 security.html: We removed all users' access permissions for the file.
chmod 666 security.pl: We have given read and write permission for all users.

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