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Jun 18, 2017
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Hi guys,

I had a mischief of buying Canon Lide 70 scanner a few years ago. I was on Windows then, and I used this scanner just a little - and it did not work well. I had to hold my breath every time I used it - otherwise this bullshit might stop and I might have to restart everything, which would take 10 minutes at least.

Then in 2011 I switched to Linux, and found that this nasty company does not support Linux and is not willing to! I have a feeling that if I buy their scanner or whatever - they kind of owe it to me! This son-of-a-bitch company did not support Linux then and it does not support it today. Over 70% of internet servers run Linux. Guys, I am very serious: I want ALL LINUX SERVERS to drop every message that contains string "Canon"! Please, let's do that!
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I am currently using an old Cannon FB620P (that is Parallel Port for all you hot licks out there:p:p) on an old Emachine D2880 in XP. I use it regularly to scan bills before I shred them. I have thought about trying it in Mint Cinnamon, but have yet to get up the courage.

Happy trails,:D
Printer/scanner problems almost always boil down to which model. Canon has some Linux support, but not the Lide 70 as @Vic has already found. I have had great success with HP brand products, and I think they have about the best Linux support... but even HP has some models that are not supported too. You really have to check compatibility before buying (although I realize the OP is trying to carry over his old Windows scanner to Linux well after the scanner purchase).

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