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Jun 6, 2024
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I have a laptop (Dell) with a dock (Dell), and this dock is bringing some issues that I don't know how to overcome...
The main one is that the screen laptop is not working when I start the computer lid closed and plugged to the dock.
When I am plugin the dock to the computer, the computer starts (I don't know how to control that...) with the lid closed. I am fine with that, however If I open the lid of the laptop the screen is black... I have external monitors plugged to the dock, that are on. If I unplugged the dock, the computer screen is still black.
I tried using xrandr, but only external monitors are listed. I have no idea on how to turn on the screen without restarting the computer unplugged to the dock... Which is not very convenient...
I am under Ubuntu 22.04, with Xfce 4.18.
Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
Thank you in advance,

Can you give details on the dock, the manufacturer, model how many ports and etc?
Is the laptop plugged into the dock along with the additions monitors?
Does your Ubuntu installation see the dock in the output of lsmod? Modules and drivers?

I'm no hardware expert by any stretch of the imagination, just trying to assist as much as I can to get you to the right skilled man here at
Everything is DELL, my computer is a Precision 5680, the dock is WD19S 130w.
The two monitors are plugged to the dock (DP), and the laptop is plugged to the dock (USB C).
About lsmod I have a bunch of module loaded but I have absoutelyno idea of how to find the one concerning the dock... I put the output of the command in the attached file.
Thank you for your help!


  • modules.txt
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Yes. If I boot the computer without the dock plugged everything works fine!
I updated the firmware :, with a fwupdmgr update, but it doesn't fix the issue.
Output of fwupdmgr get-updates:
Devices with no available firmware updates:
• PC801 NVMe SK hynix 1TB
• TPM 2.0
• UEFI Device Firmware
• UEFI Device Firmware
• UEFI dbx
Devices with the latest available firmware version:
• Package level of Dell dock
• RTS5413 in Dell dock
• RTS5487 in Dell dock
• VMM5331 in Dell dock
• WD19S
Devices that have been updated successfully:
• System Firmware (1.6.0 → 1.11.0)
• System Firmware

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