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Cant get NAT netvorking to work on virtualbox and Antix linux


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Aug 15, 2022
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Im having dificult time to get natnetworking working on virtualbox.

I have a VM server win 10 pro host, where i have silly amount of VM-s on virtualbox and guest os is Antix linux. What im trying to achieve is that every VM runs with its own VPN app, and has its own different ip through that vpn. So far i am able to connect 3 as i mentioned and if i connect the forth VM with vpn, then its disconnects them all from internet, no connection at all anymore. Im usin browser extension as the vpn app.

On hyper-v where i have windows based guest machines, and created the natnetwork interface myself, that works just fine. Every vm has its ovn vpn address and works flawlessly.

Anyone have any ideas ?
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