Can't install any linux distro on Lenovo Ideapad 515ITL05


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I don't know why I couldn't install Arch-based distros...
I wish I could explain "why" too, but it isn't clear to me either. I noticed in your first screenshot that you have a NVMe SSD, and it just seems (to me) that NVMe and eMMC drives frequently have issues. It probably boils down to driver support, and most distros use a customized Linux kernel by default... so some distros hit a friendly kernel combination, and others miss it. It's even more confusing since you said that Windows also failed to detect the drive. I would expect Windows to work.

The good news is that Lenovo didn't sell you (or me) a lemon after all, and Linux happiness is available. It's quite possible that you can try Arch-based distros again after awhile and you'll find one that will install cleanly. If you're really ambitious and determined, you may be able to find a way to make Arch work now... booting with a particular kernel option, or possibly inserting a needed kernel module at boot time. Personally, I lean toward lazy, not ambitious. ;)

I'm glad you got it going. Knowing it works, you can decide which way to go next. Good luck!

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