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Can't install Kali due to graphics artifacts; live USB works fine


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I'm having an issue identical the one described here (or here), but I can't find a working solution anywhere.

To sum up, I can't install Kali as the screen becomes unreadable both in graphical and text installation mode, but I can run it live and it works perfectly okay. Any ideas on how to solve it? I'm currently running elementary OS without any problems of that sort.

Thanks in advance!


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G'day @Kaldiser and welcome to linux.org :)

Have a read of what I wrote here


You could check your Synaptic Package Manager in Elementary to see if some of those tools are there, and install them.

Kali is a waste of time for many many Newbies, Intermediate, and even Advanced Linux users.

Your choice, of course, but if you cannot get an answer from Kali themselves (your first link), you're not likely to get it anywhere else.

I mean this nicely - stick with Elementary or another Distro for 12 months to 2 years and then see how you feel.

Chris Turner

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