Can't move system windows


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Dec 9, 2020
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OPENSUSE 15.3 X86_64 - Gnome.

When a system window appears to display content in most any utility, i.e., Save or Save As, a webpage reply link, etc. SUSE centers it horizontally and vertically. Often, there is needed information behind the window and I am unable to move it aside to see the blocked content. How can a system window be moved on the screen to view information behind?
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Are you referring to pop-up/dialog windows from the same app? What desktop environment are you using? Usually, holding Alt key and then clicking in the window will allow you to move it around.
I am using Gnome 3.34.7.

I just tried <ALT> without success.

For example: Using Chrome I logged into Home Depot, selected an invoice, selected print to .pdf and a dialog box pops up asking for the path and file name. In my case, I want to save the price in the file name. The dialog box is vertically and horizontally centered and is unmovable and I need to move the box aside to see the price.

I've tried many key combinations with no luck. Any other suggestions?