Can't run a copied program


Nov 19, 2019
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I copied a program that had spaces and stuff that made it difficult to write in the terminal.
I simply copied it to pss (sudo cp [appname] [pss])

But when I write pss in the terminal, it says that
Command 'pss' not found, but there are 16 similar ones.

There is something called pss in that directory now..
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There are actually no way to delete a post, so everyone, ignore this, I'm not sure the file is a program anyway..
Check the file attributes by typing 'ls -l' in the directory. If it's an executable, it'll have an 'x' in the attributes "-rwxr-xr-x 1 carl carl 16872 Jan 13 05:42 firefox". In this example, rwXr-Xr-X, the means that it's executable by the owner, group, and other. In this example there are no X''s, "-rw-r--r-- 1 carl carl 1449 Jan 13 05:42 firefox.sig", it's not an executable file.

If you find that your file is executable, but you're still having trouble, try launching it using ./ as a prefix, './firefox'. Sometimes your current directory is not in your path so you have to specify it.
Thx alot, the command ls -l -a gave me the information I needed (-a for hidden files)

Isn't there anyway to make so ls uses -l -a by default?
yes, the -a shows all. Since you said it was supposed to be an executable, I assumed it wouldn't be hidden :). There may be a way to make it use some flag by default. I've never tried in my 12 years of using Linux/Unix. I always just type out the full 'ls -al' when I need it.
I'm accessing the Linux view vnc by phone, so all ways to shorten commands are good.

But, now I listed the directory, and it is an executable file, I'm updating the original question with a screenshot.

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