Choose distribution according to challenging requirements



Hi everyone,
My first post here but have some (light) knowledge on unix / linux and made tests before posting.
I'm trying to find a distribution that match the following requirements:
-Easy to use for someone than has never used linux before
-Runs without being slow on a USB 2.0 external hard drive (SSD one), no internal drive allowed
-can run with maximum 1Go of ram
-Allows persistance on the external drive it runs on (data + configurations)
-Doesn't require a lot of customization to meet all requirements
-Contains office softwares to open docx / xlsx / pptx / PDFs
-With a web browser that doesn't have too many restrictions (can run javascript, flash, ...)
Extra needs:
-All communications should be made using TOR, as in tails. But if too complicated, only browser and emailing software.
-Integration of TOR as in tails (icon in status bar)

Here are my tests so far, with positive and negative points:
+ Fast on usb 2.0 external drive
+ Full integration of TOR by defauls (all connections + in status bar)
+ Office and emailing softwares installed by default
- Persistance is too restricted (persistance of datas only in 1 folder, many configurations are not saved, especially the keyboard configuration. Keyboard should not be QWERTY at startup)
- If persistance is configurated, the user must enter a password, several clics at startup confusing for end users
+customisable easily
+Easy to use for beginner
+Normal persistance
-was slow on USB 2.0 stick
-no TOR full integration (as far as I know) like tails (all connection + in status bar)
=> pretty same as ubuntu

Actually, a Tails distribution with normal persistence would be a pretty good choice.

What would you be your recommandations / leads?
From which distribution should I start?

The point I could modify my requirements is about TOR. If it is not totally integrated, it could still OK, but would be very good to have.
Thanks in advance for your help.



Thanks for your feedback arochester. I will have a look at Lubuntu and Porteus.

Tor is slow/slowing.
When I said "slow", I meant launching and execution was slow, And I think it's due to the fact read/write on the external disc is slow (I made the test with 8G0 or Ram).

Tor will slow the internet connexion, but will it really slow the entire environment?



When you use Tor you will slow the Internet. If you are not using Tor it will not slow the entire environment.

Jim Laughlan

Tor is slow as it connects through multiple servers throughout the world so your IP address is sort of "disguised". It's been around for a bit and became popular when Ed Snowden used it for his schpeel with the NSA. Not recommended for everyday operation unless you are using it for "underground" purposes.



As previously mentioned, I was not talking about the fact the connection is slow, but that the softwares were slow with some distributions I tested. I don't need a fast connection to internet.


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