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Jul 22, 2017
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Hi, im evaluating the alternatives to router, and replacing it with a very small, but powerfull computer (compared to the CPU of the current router)

My current setup have:
* Application filter against selected devices.
* access controll to selected devices set to clock.
* VPN server
* port forwarding

I have played with the idea to use Ubuntu or FreeBSD (long time basic user of both.)
Ease of use would also be very nice to have so that the misses also can do basic changes. The two above would not fit that description.

So I have stumbled accross Clearos and installed it in a virtialbox to see whats what. And it looks to be an easy way of getting most of what i want in my setup.

Are there someone here that can share some experience with this distro, or can tell me some usefull info good or bad?
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