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Dear Linux Users

After 20 years using Windows I ditch this OS for good. Currently I'm using Manjaro and it's been a pleasant experience so far. After a few days searching for answers only one thing is pissing me off is that I can't change the saturation or gamma of the colors in settings. In Windows I used to go to Desktop->Left Click->Intel Graphics Proprieties->Saturation and was done, but here after trying ICC and a bunch other things I couldn't make it the color of my computer more alive. Is frustrating because customization on Linux is so easy and powerful but adjust a basic thing such as saturation is really hard.

If someone knows how to increase saturation and gamma please help me out!

P.S: English is not my mother language so if you saw any grammar error I apologize. Thank you!

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Hmm... xrandr can do brightness and gamma. xvidtune can be played with - might do saturation if your card supports it/is supported. You might also look here:

Edit: Also, welcome to the site and are you a Vonnegut fan?
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