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Terry Mester

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I'm going to be installing Debian on my IBM Intel Pentium 4 Desktop via CD. How does Debian connect to my internal Voice / Fax Modem (ITU-T V.92, 56Kbps) so that I can connect to the Internet via Dialup? I assume that the Driver for Microsoft Windows is useless.


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Okay, I think the Wvdial command will solve my situation. Below is the Link for anyone else in need. If this doesn't work I'll reply back.
Hi Terry, and welcome to the site! I haven't used dialup in a long time either, so please let us know if Wvdial was successful for you. I remember that for a long time computers were sold with "Win modems" that only Windows could set the COM port and IRQ to make them work.... but of course the Linux folks were trying to find ways around that, so I hope that they have been successful. The really old hardware modems were the only ones I had any success with... they had jumpers on the board to set the COM port and IRQ and then Linux could detect them.

Good luck!

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