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Now here is a thought since vaccines involve injecting us with de-natured virus; if the virus doesn't exist what are they injecting people with ?
This article gives a fairly simple explanation and a short video (4 min). Here in the US, both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use mRNA... no live virus at all. Johnson & Johnson uses a disabled adenovirus to deliver the vaccine instructions to your immune system. Having trials (still ongoing) using various techniques will help to determine which is most effective, safe, and of course, which is cheapest to produce.
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Just a few words to settle a few ruffled feathers,in a Thread, which was, after all, started by me :)

I started the Thread because I knew that a number of people, myself included, had a (sometimes emotional) need to share their experiences on the Pandemic that has changed not only the course of our lives, ended so many other lives, adversely impacted the economies of almost every nation it has touched, and so on.

After getting off to a slow start, the Thread picked up pace, and became more visible to the masses, not long after the diligent efforts of @MatsuShimizu and others (all of whom I thank) started giving us an interesting picture of this unprecedented phenomenon.

That being said, this Forum and website is not designed to act as a scientific authority, and to prove this or disprove that.

That, in the judgement of Staff here, is best left where it SHOULD be, and that is in the province of reputable scientific and medical authorities, some of which have already been named here.


If you cant answer the question then please dont attack me and discriminate against me nor judge me just for not knowing something, hence asking the question.

I endorse that.

The rules for the Off Topic subforum can be found here, pinned to the top of the entry page

The part that I am responsible for providing begins with "Political".

The Rules for the site are not overly large, and they are here, and anyone who joined agreed to them in doing so. i thought the whole purpose of these chat forums was for us that dont know something and those whom do know something to communicate such although i am rather new so i am just presuming prior that i could ask a question if i want the answer.

No, that could be seen as the mandate of the Support (for Linux) Forums and subforums. It is unreasonable to expect that of Off Topic, so I hope that explains.

Thank you.

Chris Turner
interesting to note that in Sydney, Australia...a birthday party had a total of 30 or 31 attendees ( my memory fails me here)

One of these people was carrying the Delta variant of Covid 19.
This was established by scientific analysis on the part of the Dept of Health in Australia.

Of the remaining 29 party attendees, 24 were found to be infected with that Delta variant.

The remaining 6 people were found to be NOT infected, despite being in the same room/area as all the others.
They had been Vaccinated.
Delta COVID-19 variant detected in all states in the US - CBS News
Dr. Fauci on Delta variant, booster shots and masks for the vaccinated - PBS NewsHour
Coronavirus rampant: How deadly is Delta? | To The Point - DW News
France likely to have fourth wave of COVID - government adviser - Reuters
France's Macron announces 7 bln euros public funding in healthcare
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Long COVID research update: Blood abnormalities could cause Long COVID - DW News
South Africa shuts down in third wave - Reuters Youtube Channel
As Thai island reopens, some businesses left behind
Portugal sees biggest daily jump in infections since mid - February - Reuters
Parts of Indonesia are running out of hospital beds - CNBC
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EU-approved shots work for all COVID strains: EMA - Reuters
Soccer crowds are driving Europe COVID-19 cases says WHO - Reuters
Pets often catch COVID-19 from humans, study finds - Reuters (video inside the link below)
Delta Plus Not Presently A "Variant Of Concern" For WHO: Chief Scientist - NDTV
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Spain's COVID-19 cases continue to rise - Reuters
News from yesterday: Spain's COVID-19 cases jump by 12,345 despite record vaccination
J&J vaccine holds up well against delta Covid variant - CNBC Television
U.S. authorizes additional batch of J&J COVID-19 vaccine produced by Emergent
India's Bharat Biotech says vaccine 93.4% effective against severe COVID-19
COVID-19 Delta variant detected in 98 countries, continues to evolve and mutate, warns WHO - United Nations News
Wear a mask if you're vaccinated? Why the WHO and CDC don't have the same guidance - CNET
Australian state reports drop in new COVID-19 cases; lockdowns ease in some areas - Reuters
Russia records highest coronavirus-related deaths since start of pandemic - Sky News
NSW records 35 new local COVID cases, Sydney aged care outbreak grows - 9 News Australia
Delta variant will cause US Covid surges, Fauci says, as poll reveals vaccine resistance - The Guardian
Vaccine-hesitant Americans reject delta variant risk, posing questions for pandemic recovery. Full poll results from the link below. - Article from ABC News
Screenshot from the link above (Credit to the owner ABC News).

WHO warns that coronavirus variants are spreading faster than vaccines can stop them - Yahoo News
UEFA pushes for full stadiums amid Euro 2020 COVID outbreaks - DW News
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World Health Organization warns of 'premature rush' back to normality - Reuters Youtube Channel
COVID-19 in the UK: How do people feel about dumping their masks? - Sky News

A map shows the 12 states in the US most at risk from COVID-19, all with high levels of Delta and below-average vaccination rates - Business Insider
A quote from the Business Insider news above: The 12 states at high risk from COVID-19, according to Covid Act Now, are: Nevada, Utah, Missouri, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina.
Fauci: Even Vaccinated Travelers Should Wear Face Masks In These U.S. Destinations - Forbes
COVID-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 5 July - World Economic Forum
A chart from the above news link. Credit to the owner, World Economic Forum.
I live not to far from Galveston Texas where they had six fully vaccinated people get coronavirus. People are sleeping on coronavirus now just cause the went back to let haveing free samples in stores and the state is wide open
Ugh... Those are high numbers for one region, but no vaccine has 100% efficacy rates. I'd be looking into seeing why it's that high there, and not elsewhere.
Ugh... Those are high numbers for one region, but no vaccine has 100% efficacy rates. I'd be looking into seeing why it's that high there, and not elsewhere.
Here in Texas people are believing the pandemic is over and the vaccines is effective. I can go not to far and i can see Chucky cheese is open for the kids to play and more people are traveling . Even my dad who has heart problem has been traveling . people think it cant happen to them
Here in Texas people are believing the pandemic is over and the vaccines is effective.

Maine gets a ton of its income from tourism, so we're opened up as well. I'm fully vaccinated but I still wear my mask, keep my hands clean, and practice social distancing.

Maine was doing excellent last year and, sure enough, they opened up (quite a bit) for the tourists. Sure enough, the tourists came and it started to spike. Then, the kids went back to school and Maine's numbers started to equal other states on a per capita basis.

It is what it is, I guess. 'Snot like we can change anything but our own behavior.
O you live in Maine ,then must heard something about Canada just geting off of the lock down recently. My Canada friends sayed it was really bad for a while .
Delta variant now accounts for more than 80 percent of new Covid cases in four states - CNBC Television
How Taiwan held off Covid-19, until it didn't - VOX Youtube Channel
President Biden suggests a door-to-door vaccination effort - Business Insider
Sydney locked down for another week as Delta COVID-19 variant spreads - Reuters
Chronology: The key moments in how Australia's COVID-19 success soured
COVID-19 vaccines comparison chart. Source, details and more charts from Business Insider here.
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The main reason i dont wanta take the vaiccines cause here in the usa we had bad syphilis studdy they said they was cureing people of syphilis but instead they waiting for them to died even after know how to cure the black men that had it in the study
Highly contagious delta variant now dominant Covid strain in the U.S. - CNBC
WHO: COVID death toll passes 4 million. World at 'perilous point' in COVID-19 pandemic - City News Canada
COVID statistics. Chart from The Reuters here:

Headache? Runny nose? These are among the new top 5 Covid symptoms, study says - CNBC
New study estimates America's rapid COVID-19 vaccine rollout saved nearly 300,000 lives - Business Insider
EU orders nearly 40 million additional J&J COVID vaccines - Reuters
FAQs about J&J vaccines from the CDC website here and here.
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We're back in lock-down again, the Pollies say..."Do as we say" but they do what they like...even go overseas, what a joke.

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