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May 11, 2022
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I am new to Linux and I found trouble trying to create a new disk.
The commands that I use are those: sudo su -> fdisk -l (to check the disks) -> man fdisk -> fdisk /dev/sdb (the disk that I want to create). There is a message that No such directory.
Any idea how to create a new disk?

i'm not being facetious but you mean format a new drive ? gParted is a gui and good to play , also cfdisk from command line.

So most of us just use sudo with command; so your going su -> # meaning root ?

maybe post output of fdisk -l so we can see , but did you unmount /dev/sdb ? if so then it won't show up with fdisk -l
I have only one disk - sda and my task is to create/add new disk
I have only one disk - sda and my task is to create/add new disk

If you only have one disk, then obviously you can't add another one.
Are you booting from a USB drive? Or is this drive your OS disk?
sudo passwd root
Follow instructions given to create new root password
Login as root offline
cfdisk /dev/sda
I learned to use cfdisk along with gparted, as I like to check to see if I used gparted correctly, especially with extended partitions.

Once partitions created and as wanted, hit capital W to write and install on partition created for it.
I learned to use cfdisk along with gparted,

One thing to be aware of... cfdisk looks for SATA drives first ( /dev/sda ).
In my case, my OS drive is an nvme drive. My SATA drive is external.
So if you're not careful, you can delete your data drive, not your OS drive. :)
What to do in that case? Should I create a new virtual machine and install again linux?
@dos2unix -- good info re: nvme I was not aware of with cfdisk
@rruseva -- state VM being used, hardware information wcith initial post requesting help. It makes is easier on us and not including correct info may lead to a system problem.

"Linux assumes users know exactly what they are doing!"

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