Creating a Fedora 21 Workstation LiveCD that is Up to Date



Per this article, a person with a Fedora installation can, using a few (somewhat) easy steps create an up-to-date ISO image.

Why would one want to do this?

A couple reasons come to mind. (at least for me)
  • Be more secure vs. using an official ISO (they tend to contain out-of-date packages)
  • Customization: (with the appropriate knowledge) you can customize the live image to your liking
Okay, so where do I start?

First, make sure you have administrator access to a computer which has an installation of Fedora 20 or newer. At the time of writing, the latest release is Fedora 21.
  1. Install the livecd-tools and spin-kickstarts packages.
    sudo yum install livecd-tools spin-kickstarts
  2. Run this command to create the live image.
    livecd-creator --verbose \
    --config=/usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-live-workstation.ks \
    --fslabel=Fedora-LiveCD \
  3. Burn the LiveCD to a DVD, flash drive, etc.

What if I want to create an ISO with one of the Fedora Spins?
  • Perform step 1 if you haven't already.
  • Perform an ls command in the /usr/share/spin-kickstarts/ directory.
    ls /usr/share/spin-kickstarts
  • We will use the fedora-live-mate_compiz configuration in this example.
  • We will use a modified version of the command used in step 2 above:
    livecd-creator --verbose \
    --config=/usr/share/spin-kickstarts/fedora-live-mate_compiz.ks \
    --fslabel=Fedora-LiveCD \
  • Perform step 3.

What if I don't have have access to a machine running Fedora?
Download Fedora at:

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