Cron job not running successfully


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Sep 22, 2022
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Hi Guys,

Apologies if this question is silly, but I am relatively new Linux and I'm having issues getting my cron job to run.

My Cron job is as follows:

22 11 * * THU sudo su - nz /nz/support/bin/nz_genstats DBNAME -schema SCHEMANAME > FILENAME.log

The cron job does not seem to run successfully and I get the following error in an email:

su: chema: No such file or directory

I can find my output file but as expected the file is empty due to the error.

Thanks in advance :)

One of the flags for "sudo" is "-s" which is asking for which shell you want to run script under.

So what is happening here....

sudo su - (some stuff) -s chema (more stuff)

But -s is expecting something like bash, ksh, zsh, fish or csh.

Usually you don't run "sudo" in a crontab. You have two other options.

You could create a bash script which runs sudo, and call that bash script from your crontab.


Since you already have the ability to sudo anyway... just run the crontab as root.

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