CUPS forward to windows print server


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Dec 1, 2019
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Hello All!

I am new to linux but have a need I believe to spin up a linux VM and install CUPS. The purpose of this is to put this server in our DMZ and then have it forward print requests to our windows print servers on the LAN. I need to know for sure this will work as I'm not that familiar with CUPS. Is this possible or would something like citrix netscaler work to proxy the connections to windows?

Any input is appreciated.


It would be possible to set up your Linux server as a print server that would in turn send it to a Windows server's print queue, but I'd have to ask why would you want to? Why not just have it print to the printer directly?
This is because we don't want the oracle cloud application coming in and printing directly on our LAN. Cybersecurity is not allowing this. This is why I'm trying to come up with the best most secure option.

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