Data recovery software for specific case



Hello. At first, no backup advice, please. Sh*t already happened.
All I need is suggestion on software that may solve the issue.

Relevant info is bold, skip the rest if you will.


I was installing a new distribution with a console GUI, but it didn't warn/indicate that the partition picked for the system would be formatted, thus I assumed installation would go on normally, only replacing system files without format. Personal and system data were on the same partition on that machine, unfortunately.

The partition was quick-formatted and then had 2 GBs written in its very beginning. I want to recover ~120GB - everything that wasn't overwritten.

It's not vital data, but I'd like to retrieve it if possible. That partition has been untouched as of the incident.


TestDisk didn't work for this particular situation (I had success with it on a couple of different cases). Not even after 100% complete deep search (took hours). I have also tried other programs... No triumph so far.

What miraculous piece of software might help in this case? It doesn't matter whether it's Linux, Windows or whatever, if it works I'm getting it.

Thanks in advance.
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