Data Recovery


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Dear All,

Unfortunately my 2 bay NAS (QNAP 239 PRO II with Linux, 2 x 3TB WD Red Caviar with Waranty) with a raid 1 configartion was pushed of my desk and dropped 30cm's. After the drop I rebooted the NAS and it "automatically" reinstalled it's latest firmware and asked me if I wanted to continue with the warning that all the drive data would be cleared upon hard drive initialization (which I didn't accept), but nevertheless it seems the result is that I'm unable to access my data and was wondering if someone could help me to recover it (give me tips about programs to use, procedures to follow, etc...).

As Linux Layman I removed HDD "A" and "B" from the NAS and currently I'm trying to recover the data from disk "A" with R-Linux (it's currently still scanning as it seems to take +6hrs). Disk "B" seems to be mechannically damaged as I can only see the drive letter in R-Linux (nothing to select) and "WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows" is not always showing the drive?

I'm wondering what other usefull information is needed in the problem description, what programs you would suggest (to a "Windows user"), what's the most likely place in a linux structure to find my data / folders, etc...